Taalim Al-Mutaallim Thariqah Al-Taallum


This is a remarkable manual that touches upon the method by which students of the classical Muslim world learned their studies in a traditional way. Its author, Imam al-Zarnuji, has attracted the attention of Western men of learning for centuries, as they tried to decipher the secret behind the stunning educational success of Islamic civilization. This book reflects the relevance of exercising etiquette (adab) in the contemporary era.

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Taalim al-Mutaalim is a book authored by Shaykh Burhanuddin az-Zarnuji concerning the instructions for the seeker in his path to attain sacred knowledge. In it, he narrated the stories of past scholars and their efforts in seeking knowledge to motivate students to adorn themselves with the manners of the predecessors. This book consists of thirteen chapters;

First: The definition of knowledge, Islamic jurisprudence, and its virtues.
Second: The intention of seeking knowledge.
Third: Choosing knowledge, teachers, peers, and sciences which must be focused on first.
Fourth: Honouring knowledge and its possessors.
Fifth: Perseverance, consistency, and lofty aspirations.
Sixth: Memorising the basic texts, their quantity and order.
Seventh: Relying on Allah.
Eighth: The time for seeking knowledge.
Ninth: Gentleness and advice.
Tenth: Seeking benefit and acquiring manners.
Eleventh: Piety in seeking knowledge.
Twelfth: Pertaining to that which inherits memory and that which inherits forgetfulness.
Thirteenth: Things that yield sustenance and that which prevents or increases the age.

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