Risalah Adab Suluk al-Murid


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The author of this short epistle, Imam Abdullah bin Alawi al-Haddad, mentioned in one of his poems: “And this world is nothing but an abode of residence, and it is nothing except like a bridge to the original abode.” As Muslims, moreover the aspirants, it is incumbent upon us to understand that the world we are living in currently shall perish. It is not our ultimate goal, rather our purpose and is to attain the pleasure of Allah, Most High. Being so, the Imam gathered important points in this book concerning the one who desires to be close to Allah ﷻ, in hopes to rectify his intentions and actions in endeavouring the path of felicity. Amongst the things mentioned in it are acquiring a strong impetus gifted by ﷻ at the beginning of his path and matters that an aspirant has to take heed of if he were to receive it, correcting his repentance and its conditions, preserving his heart from the demonic whisperings and evil thoughts, refraining the limbs from committing disobedience and other essential matters that will be like provisions for him in his journey to Allah ﷻ.

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