Terjemah Muqoddimah al-Hadhramiyah


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This jurisprudence text which is widely known as “al-Muqaddimah al-Hahdramiyah” written by al-‘Allamah ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdirrahman Balhajj Bafadhl, may Allah bestow mercy upon him, is amongst the most blessed and beneficial epitome of the Islamic Jurisprudence of the Shafii’ Madzhab. It is a text which seekers of knowledge strive to obtain. Scholars teach it. Commentators take interest in it. Jurists depend on it. It has become an incredibly commendable abridgement of this subject for its clarity in its discourse, brevity, and comprehensiveness without any deficiencies. It is a text, as how the author mentioned it, necessary for every Muslim to know of or what resembles it, comprising the essential knowledge from purification, prayers, zakat, fasting and hajj.

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Indonesian Translation with Arabic Text.


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