Ar-Risalah Al-Jamiah


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For over three centuries, ar-Risalah al-Jami’ah text has been an essential guide in Shafie school of thought across the muslim world as a ‘primer’ for seekers of knowledge. It is a short composition written by al-Imam al-Habib Ahmad bin Zain al-Habsyi. This manual’s content is an explanation of the pillars of the religion based on Hadith Jibril ‘alaihissalam when he was in a state of wearing all-white clothes and all-black hair when he met the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with the aim of teaching the companions about matters religions, namely: Islam, Iman and Ihsan. This manual underlays a solid foundation in the study of Shafie school of thought, and will assist seekers to the basic understanding of essential elements of the Islamic faith, practice and morality that are required of a muslim.

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